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Stainless Steel Kitchen Equipment
Membuat berbagai macam peralatan dapur dari bahan stainless steel u/ restoran, hotel dll

Office : Jl. Raya Mauk, Km.8, (Depan Perum. Golden City). Telp. 021-59373384, Fax. 021-59373384
Show Room : City Mall Lt. GF, Jl. Moh. Thoha Km.2 No.1
Tangerang 15112 (Telp. 021-55761018)
Keranjang Belanja anda | Rp. 134,600,000
  • 1 x Wall Hanging Cabinet = Rp. 0
  • 1 x Kitchen Set Cabinet Table with Dish Rack Drawers = Rp. 5,550,000
  • 1 x Wall Cabinet = Rp. 0
  • 1 x Solid - Sloted Rack = Rp. 0
  • 1 x Heated Cabinet = Rp. 0
  • 1 x Dual Cabinet Cart = Rp. 0
  • 11 x Gas Stove 4 Burner (With Oven) = Rp. 0
  • 29 x Gas Grill Portable = Rp. 129,050,000
  • x = Rp. 0
  • x = Rp. 0

Kitchen Equipment, Stainless Steel, Peralatan Dapur, Restaurant, Hotel, Cafe, Bakery

Contact :

Alimin :
021-93587774, 08588 2326 777, 0812 1991 7771
Sarwan :
Call/WhatsAp: 081317698478, 087776484049
Pin BB: 76052EDF

Tentang Kami

Kami membuat dan menjual berbagai macam peralatan dapur restaurant dan rumah tangga dari bahan stainless steel berkwalitas dan harga termurah dengan merk .
Commercial restaurant kitchen equipment: Sink, Working Table, Cabinet, Over Shelf, Wall Shelf, Grease Trap, Trolley, etc. Berpengalaman mengerjakan instalasi kitchen equipment, exhaust hood, fresh air, air conditioner, instalasi gas, instalasi listrik dan solusi lainnya.
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Stainless Steel Working Table
Meja Kerja dari bahan stainless steel berkwalitas, harga murah : Working Table, Over Shelf, Wall Shelf, Holed Table
Stainless Steel Sink
Stainless Steel Sink : Single sink, double sink, triple sink, pot sink, diswasher sink, single sink with butcher, grese trap, flooring grating dll.
Stainless Steel Cabinet
Stainless steel cabinet : upright cabinet, wall hanging cabinet, heated cabinet, solid - sloted rack, harga termurah, kwalitas terbaik, solusi untuk restoran dan rumah tangga.
Stainless Steel Trolley
Stainless Steel Trolley: service trolley, Flour Bin Trolley, Low tray Trolley, Dim Sum Trolley, Loading Trolley, Food Trolley, Wiremess Trolley. Harga Lokal, Kwalitas Import.
Food Display
Stainless Steel Food Display: bain marie counter, Upright Display Case, food pan, display cake, menerima pembuatan dengan model dan ukuran sesuai pesanan. Dibuat dari bahan stainless berkwalitas.
Cooking Equipment
Cooking Equipment: Gas Wok range, Gas stock Pot Stove, Grill, Rice Cooker, gas range, Gas Fryer, Exhaust Hood, terbuat dari bahan stainless steel berkwalitas, harga termurah.

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